Manitoba Organic Alliance
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Manitoba Organic Alliance is a membership driven, non-profit alliance which unites and represents organic associations, farmers, processors, buyers, retailers and researchers in Manitoba. We are working to grow the organic sector in Manitoba through networking, education and advocacy.

Our founding partners include Organic Producer’s Association of Manitoba, which provides organic certification services, and Organic Food Council of Manitoba, which focuses on education organic community outreach.

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Apr 24   |   News

Close-to-home organic marketing encouraged

One industry insider urges exporters not to ignore the United States, while another emphasizes domestic processors

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Apr 24   |   News

US: High demand for organic livestock feed grains

Demand for US organic poultry and livestock feed continues to growth pushing for an increase in production and in the imports of organic feed grains,

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Apr 21   |   News

A really magical food’: Bread lovers and bakers in Sask. share their tips and favourites

Mark Dyck says the connection to family and bakers make the food so special

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Apr 17   |   News

Organic grain initiative runs out of steam

Funding to continue a program designed to increase organic production has been turned down.

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Apr 14   |   News

Stretch your horizons

Here’s why taking an agri-tourist vacation might be your business’ best investment all year

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Apr 10   |   News

Canadian GMO escapes common: report

Better regulations are needed to prevent contamination from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). That’s what the Canadian Biotechnology Action

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