MOA is a membership driven, non-profit alliance which unites and represents organic associations, farmers, processors, buyers, retailers and researchers in Manitoba. The Alliance supports organics through networking, advocacy and development.


Manitoba Organic Alliance is on the forefront of organics. From regulatory changes to innovation, we face the issues head on.


Manitoba Organic Alliance is helping shape organics in the province by making your voice heard from the grassroots to government levels.


Manitoba Organic Alliance supports training and informational workshops across the province to share advances in organics.


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“A strong, sustainable and united organic community in Manitoba.”

The mission of the Manitoba Organic Alliance is to promote the interests of and address issues of importance to the organic sector, and to help create growth opportunities by promoting the benefits, integrity and development of the organic supply chain. We accomplish this mission by fostering communication between organic producers, certifiers, input suppliers, processors, marketers, retailers, packagers, and consumers; and by identifying and supporting initiatives, research and resources strategic to the growth of the organic industry.


To represent and support Manitoba’s entire organic industry.”

Our vision is to foster healthy, viable farms – the foundation of a vibrant organic sector – and to work for a diversified organic production system in Manitoba which provides for local food security, enhances export opportunities and contributes to sustainable economic development.

Manitoba Organic Alliance History

Recognizing the need for an organization to lobby and promote the sector in Manitoba, partner organizations OFCM (Organic Food Council of Manitoba) and OPAM (Organic Producers Association of Manitoba) came together to form the Manitoba Organic Alliance (MOA) in 2009. In 2014, MOA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with it’s founding organizations, outlining the roles of each of these organizations in collectively advancing the capacity of Manitoba’s organic sector. Under this agreement, MOA is the voice of organics, bringing the organic sector together to identify needs and develop solutions, presenting those solutions to government and coordinating projects. OFCM promotes the benefits of organic food and organic production to the general public and to farmers, through education, material, events and community building. OPAM offers certification services and collaborates on networking opportunities for farmers.

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