Posted  24 Apr, 2017 

The Prairie Organic Grain Initiative is looking for farmers and agronomists to participate in an on-Farm Nutrient Management Program for organic farmers. The program is offered in partnership with Dr. Martin Entz and Joanne Thiessen Martens of the University of Manitoba.

As a participant, a trained agronomist will visit your farm to gather field crop histories, as well as taking samples of soil and plant tissue. During harvest, you the farmer will take additional samples from grain. All the samples will be sent to a lab to discover nutrient concentrations. The agronomist will use the nutrient budget spreadsheet to help analyze the information and share it with you. This will help you to develop future management strategies.

For farmers:
In order to participate:
* You must have a green manure in 2017
* Fields must be certified organic
* You must be growing field crops

For agronomists:
* You must be available to participate in ongoing trainings and discussions via webinar, email and social media

Cost: Total cost is $1000/farm per year. POGI will subsidize up to 70% of this cost. POGI will also pay agronomists $500/farm plus actual travel expenses.

To participate: Contact Iris Vaisman or call 855-521-2400


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