Posted  5 Apr, 2018 

The February 2018 Prairie Organic Conference in Brandon is now history, nevertheless there are those who would like to hear a presentation again, and there are others who could not be there, but would like to benefit from those presentations. We are posting some of those talks, and will post more. To get there hover your mouse over “Grow Organic” above, then hover over “Organic Extension Newsletters, Videos and Podcasts” and finally click on “Prairie Organics Conference”.


May 25   |   Events

Cash Cropping with Inter-Crops

Check out this link to a talk (audio only) given by Colin Rosengren, Producer from Midale, SK at the Organic Day which was part of the Manitoba Ag Day

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Apr 12   |   Events

New video: Jay Fuhrer at the Prairie Organics Conference

We have just finished editing the video of the Day One Keynote Address from the Prairie Organics Conference held in Brandon in February 2018. Jay Fuhr

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Mar 22   |   Events

Growing Organic Agronomy Newsletter – February

The Growing Organic Agronomy Newsletter is produced by MOA Agronomist, Katherine Stanley. This monthly extension tool offers seasonally relevant conte

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