“A strong, sustainable and united organic community in Manitoba.”

The mission of the Manitoba Organic Alliance is to promote the interests of and address issues of importance to the organic sector, and to help create growth opportunities by promoting the benefits, integrity and development of the organic supply chain. We accomplish this mission by fostering communication between organic producers, certifiers, input suppliers, processors, marketers, retailers, packagers, and consumers; and by identifying and supporting initiatives, research and resources strategic to the growth of the organic industry.


To represent and support Manitoba’s entire organic industry.”

Our vision is to foster healthy, viable farms – the foundation of a vibrant organic sector – and to work for a diversified organic production system in Manitoba which provides for local food security, enhances export opportunities and contributes to sustainable economic development.

Our Membership

Certified organic entities in Manitoba are automatically members of the Manitoba Organic Alliance.

We also offer Association Memberships and Friends of MOA memberships. Join our membership to get involved and have a say!

Board of Directors

The MOA Board of Directors is drawn from the organic value chain in Manitoba and includes livestock, grain, forage, dairy, poultry and horticulture farmers, and organic certifier, researcher, educator, buyer, restaurant, retail, consumer and certified organic processor representatives.

Co-Chair, Liz Karpinchick

Liz is an agronomist with Tone Ag Consulting Ltd. out of St. Pierre-Jolys, MB.
(Director since 2018)

Co-Chair, Janine Gibson

Janine represents founding organization Organic Food Council Manitoba. Janine is an organic inspector.
(Director since 2010)

Director, Larry Black

Larry is an organic grain and livestock producer that farms at Deloraine, MB.
(Director since 2011)

Director, Hermann Grauer 

Hermann is an organic producer of poultry and runs a processing plant at Steinbach, MB.
(Director since 2009)

Director, Anne Kirk

Anne is an organic grain producer near Sanford, MB. .
(Director since 2019)

Director, Patty Harris

Patty is an organic grain producer and farms near Stonewall, MB.
(Director since 2019)

Director, Kim Wilton

Kim is an organic grain producer and farms near Elie, MB.
(Director since 2019)

Director, Laura Natrasony

Laura is an organic inspector.
(Director since 2019)

Director, Chuck Leibert

Chuck is a horticultural producer that farms at Bird River, MB.
(Director since 2015)

Director, Ken Sabatier

Ken is an organic horticultural producer and runs a market garden near Steinbach, MB.
(Director since 2013)

Director, Alden Braul

Alden is an organic hemp production specialist with Hemp Genetics International/Hemp Production Services.
(Director since 2017)

Director, Eric Rempel

Eric is a supporter of organic and local food from Steinbach, MB.
(Director since 2012)

Director, Laura Telford

Laura is the organic specialist for the Province of Manitoba.
(Non-Voting Director)

Director, Jacqui Davidson

Jacqui is the Acting Senior Industry Development Officer for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
(Non-Voting Director)


Coordinator, Dana Penrice

Dana works with the Manitoba Organic Alliance on programming, communications, fundraising and organizational support.

info@manitobaorganicalliance.org | 780-914-6282

Communications Development Officer, Karen Klassen

Karen is a nutrition scientist and new farmer working with the Manitoba Organic Alliance on communications, podcast production and event planning.


Manitoba Organic Alliance History

Recognizing the need for an organization to lobby and promote the sector in Manitoba, partner organizations OFCM (Organic Food Council of Manitoba) and OPAM (Organic Producers Association of Manitoba) came together to form the Manitoba Organic Alliance (MOA) in 2009. In 2014, MOA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with it’s founding organizations, outlining the roles of each of these organizations in collectively advancing the capacity of Manitoba’s organic sector. Under this agreement, MOA is the voice of organics, bringing the organic sector together to identify needs and develop solutions, presenting those solutions to government and coordinating projects. OFCM promotes the benefits of organic food and organic production to the general public and to farmers, through education, material, events and community building. OPAM offers certification services and collaborates on networking opportunities for farmers.

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