Organic foods can be found at health food and specialty organic grocers and are now becoming available at most regular grocery stores. Some of these foods are imported and some may be from Manitoba. You can find locally grown Manitoba organic food by visiting one of the many farmers markets, or by buying directly from a Manitoba organic farm.

To be sure that the food you buy has been certified as organic, look for the Canada Organic Logo on the label, or ask to see the farmer’s organic production certificate. Talk to your farmer and ask how they keep their animals healthy without using antibiotics, or how they manage pests on their crops.

To find farmers markets in Manitoba check out the Direct Farm Manitoba website

To find your farmer check out the Small Farms Manitoba database. This Small Farms website includes both organic and non-organic farms so ask your farmer about their production practices.

To find organic businesses and services across western Canada, please see
Organic Alberta’s Business to Business Directory.

Canada Organic