Organic Products

 Organic Dairy

Organic dairies feed their animals organic, non-GMO grass, hay, silage and grain. A high degree of health must be maintained and no hormones or antibiotics are allowed.

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 Organic Eggs

Laying hens eat organic grain free of antibiotics, and have ample space to roost and nest. They have access to the outdoors when weather permits.

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Organic Beef

Organic beef animals are fed organic grass, hay, grain or silage and are free of synthetic hormones or insecticides. Grass-finished organic beef do not receive grain. Cattle must be given ample space to roam and graze.

Organic Chicken and Pork

Antibiotics are not allowed in certified organic poultry or pig production, so the farmer must work to maintain animal health with high quality organic feed, fresh air and plenty of space. If an animal becomes sick and its health can not be restored without antibiotics, then the medicated animal must be removed from the organic supply chain.

 Organic Grains

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) seed is prohibited in organic production. Soils are improved with natural fertilizers, compost, or by incorporating lush green vegetation. By seeding at the proper time into healthy soils and by rotating crops, the farmer is able to keep weeds to a minimum and eliminate the use of pesticides.

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Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetable pests are managed by maintaining fertile, living soils, using resistant crop varieties, approved biological substances and by protecting the natural balance of the earth. Buffer zones and wind breaks are utilized to prevent contamination from neighboring farms.