Tamarack Farms – Getting the Most out of Every Acre

Tamarack Farms (Erickson, MB) Mountain Road, Erickson, Manitoba

Located near Erickson, Manitoba, Tamarack Farms opens our minds to a more environmentally-friendly way of farming. The farm business incorporates crops, livestock and food processing. Tamarack grows, cleans and packages Peruvian strains of quinoa sold through Manitoba specialty food shops. Featuring: Ryan Pengelly (owner) Laura Weinbender (Grain Millers): Growing quality commercial organic oats Anne Kirk […]

DeRuyck’s Top of the Hill Farm – Getting the Most out of Every Acre

DeRuyck's Top of the Hill Farm (Trehern, MB) Trehern, Manitoba

Check out our YouTube Channel to watch the videos of each presentation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNZ82_KnZ90&list=PLZg0amo8jn6NPd7KczBrBRtwwkU2BCZHCDeRuyck’s Top of the Hill Farm near Treherne, Manitoba, produces a wide variety of specialty organic crops and beef and cleans and further processes grains grown on-farm and from other Manitoba organic producers. Featuring: -Dan & Fran DeRuyck: Farm and processing facility tour […]

Adagio Acres – Getting the Most out of Every Acre

Adagio Acres (Lundar, MB) Clarkleigh Rd, Lundar, MB R0C 1Y0, Canada, Lundar, Manitoba

Adagio Acres in Lundar, Manitoba uses organic practices to produce hulless oats which are processed on-farm and distributed to local retailers and direct to consumers through a winter CSA that also incorporates organic grains grown by other producers in the province. Featuring: John Gavloski (Manitoba Agriculture & Resource Development): Insect Sampling. Paul Gregory (Owner Interlake […]

Stoney Brook Creamery and Sardius Holsteins – Getting the Most out of Every Acre

Stony Brook Creamery and Sardius Holsteins Rd 36E, Steinbach, Manitoba

Stoney Brook Creamery Creamery is a microprocessor built on a dairy farm (Sardius Holsteins) near Steinbach, Manitoba. The focus is fresh, local, organic dairy products including fluid milk and cheese curds. https://www.stoneybrookcreamery.ca/ Featuring: Sam Appleby (Owner Sardius Holsteins): Tour of the Milking Barn. Jim Appleby (Owner, Stoney Brook Creamery): Creamery Tour. Elizabeth Karpinchick (Owner Tone […]

Farm Tour – Faspa Farm (FaRM Program)

Faspa Farm

Mark your calendars for the first in a series MOA Cover Crop Farm Tours at Faspa Farm near Manitou, MB!Do you want to learn more about cover crops? MOA is collaborating with Farmers for Climate Solutions (FCS) to offer cover cropping training through their new Farm Resilience Mentorship Program (FaRM). This farm tour will be […]

Farm Tour – Millview Farm

Millview Farm Manitoba

Mark your calendars for MOA's Summer Farm Tour at Millview Farm near Steinbach, MB!The second farm tour of the summer is being hosted at Millview Farm, located north of Steinbach Manitoba. The family run farm has been a certified organic producer since 2017 and grows a diverse selection of crops. On the farm, you can […]