Film Screening: Edmonton, AB – From Seed to Seed

September 4, 2019

Organic Alberta screening of FROM SEED TO SEED in Edmonton, AB, during Organic Week on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 6 PM – 9 PM at the Garneau Theatre, 8712 – 109 Street

FROM SEED TO SEED,  2018, 87 min. includes timely topics of Climate Change, risks to farmers and food production and some hopeful solutions via regenerative agriculture. This film tells the story of Terry Mierau & Monique Scholte, who gave up their careers as opera singers in Europe to follow their passion for ecological farming in Southern Manitoba, Canada. We follow their young family and a select group of farmers and scientists over a challenging growing season as they blend ancient traditions with cutting edge science to grow food ecologically in a changing climate. The film aims to engage and inform a wide-ranging audience by personalizing these issues and to spark conversations about practical solutions for these urgent Environmental, Health & Social concerns.

The film includes comments by the following scientists:

  • Dr. Martin Entz, University of Manitoba, Plant Science, his collaborative research work with farmers and the Participatory Plant Breeding Program, which he administers across Canada
  • Dr. Ian Mauro, University of Winnipeg/Prairie Climate Centre [documentary film Beyond Climate with Dr. David Suzuki]
  • Dr. Vandana Shiva, author, activist, scientist, India



A recent letter of commendation from the Canadian National Farmers’ Union NFU about my film states

  “The climate crisis affects all people, and farmers are on the front lines. …We applaud the effort taken in the film to highlight how farmers can help mitigate the effects of climate change through thoughtful, diversified and regenerative production practices. Seed to Seed rightly illustrates how farmers can be part of the solution to our climate crisis.”

Most recently FROM SEED TO SEED won the “Civil Eye Award” at the ARC Film Festival in Mainz, Germany, and the Jury provided the following comment:

“We award the prize «Civil Eye» to «From Seed to Seed», as the film contains the most important topic of human life: The respectful treatment of our earth, the animals and the people. Katharina Stieffenhofer passionate and loving documentation about organic farmers is full of optimism and hope for a better living. In addition to information and knowledge, the film conveys above all great gratitude for those who grow our food.”

To date FROM SEED TO SEED has been selected by 34 film festivals around the World and has received the following awards:


  • Winner: Best of the Fest, 2018 Colorado Environmental Film Festival, Golden, CO
  • Winner: Civil Eye Award, ARC Film Festival, Mainz, Germany
  • Winner: Best Documentary Film, Peter C. Rollins Award, Popular Culture Association, Washington, DC
  • Winner: Best Environmental Film, Ridgefield Independent Film Festival, Ridgefield, CT
  • Winner: Best Documentary Film, Seneca Film Festival, NY State
  • Winner: Best Feature Film 2019, Honorable Mention, ELEMENTS Environmental Film Festival, Vancouver, BC
  • Finalist Jury Award, Kansas International Film Festival, Kansas City, KS
  • Finalist Best Feature Documentary, 11th International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival,
  •    Nomination Best Feature Documentary, Central Alberta Film Festival, Red Deer, AB

REVIEWS & Quotes:

…this informative, beautifully shot…. gentle, quiet advocacy doc possesses some of the philosophical patience seen in its subjects, who need to follow the seasonal cycles of farming and withstand the vicissitudes of Prairie weather. “ “A Labour Of Love And Pain , Alison Gillmor, Winnipeg Free Press, Nov. 10 2018

“Congratulations on a gentle but powerful film that really grew on me as I fell deeply into their story.” Matthew Gilbert, the founder/curator of Cinema Noesis: Films for Evolving Minds( Orcas Island, WA.

“Your film is so important and speaks to my heart. The audience loved it and I heard quite a few people talking about it later,“ said Kee Kee Buckley, Festival Director, Rivertown Film Festival, New Jersey.

 This is one of the best documentary films about farming that I have watched.” Av Singh, PhD, PAg, Nova Scotia