REMINDER to Fill out the Survey on Organic Agriculture

May 9, 2019


Organic agriculture is growing quickly in Canada and includes a diversity of individuals and a wide range of social, environmental and economic motivations. What are yours? We want to know! Marc-Antoine Larrivée, a graduate student at Guelph University, invites you to participate in a short survey about your motivations for farming organically as part of a research project conducted throughout Canada.

The purpose of this research is to identify motivations for farming organically in Canada and better understand the potential conflicts between social, environmental and business values. Local, national or governmental organizations may use the research findings to enhance organic policies in Canada. The survey is extended to May 12, so hurry!

To participate in this short survey, click here!

Marc-Antoine Larrivée
Candidate | MSc Rural Planning and Development
School of Environmental Design & Rural Development | University of Guelph
Landscape Architecture Bldg 131 | 50 Stone Rd E | Guelph, ON, Canada | N1G 2W1