Survey: Agriculture and Climate Change

September 6, 2019


USC Canada and the NFU are working together to develop a three-year campaign to create support for climate solutions in the agriculture sector, and promote change at a policy level. As trusted voices and experts with a lifetime of knowledge, they will be centring the voices of farmers who can speak authentically to the impacts of climate change, and the important role the agriculture sector has to play in creating climate solutions. They have created a survey in collaboration with MediaStyle and would very much appreciate your input and feedback on this topic.

The survey should take about ten minutes. Your answers will remain confidential and none of your words will be used or published without your permission. The survey link is here: Please make sure to click “Done” when you are finished to ensure your answers are recorded. We ask that you please try to complete this before Friday, September 13th if possible.

Your participation is greatly appreciated! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to or