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Season 3, Episode 1 Carbon Sequestration


Welcome to our third season!

This episode Scott talks to Dr Kris Nichols – soil health guru! He finds out how we can build soil carbon in an organic cropping system.

(53:50) April 24, 2021


Check out Dr. Kris Nichols’ website to learn more about her work and soil health resources:


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Guest Bio

Dr. Kris Nichols is a leader in the movement to regenerate soils for healthy crops, food, people and the planet. She is the Research Director at MyLand Company LLC in Phoenix, AZ. She is also the founder and principal scientist of KRIS (Knowledge for Regeneration and Innovation in Soils) Systems Education & Consultation; Soil Microbiology Research Advisor with the Food Water Wellness Foundation in Olds, Alberta; Research Director with Carbon Sync in Freemantle, Western Australia; and Soil Health Consultant with COG (Canadian Organic Growers) in Ottawa, Ontario. She is also working with Dr. Arjun Makhijani, President of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, on a project combining Regenerative Agriculture and Renewable Energy (RARE) to reduce the economic risks in transitioning to regenerative agriculture. Kris participates on the Advisory Board for the Real Organic Project; Scientific Advisory Board with the Savory Institute’s – Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV)program; Land Use & Agriculture Task Force for the HRH Sustainable Markets Initiative; and as a Soil Science Advisor with Health First.  Kris’s voice is heard in a number of forums where she speaks about the value of healthy soil in food production systems, and I am really happy to have the chance to talk with her today.

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Scott Beaton – Host

Jason Peters – Editor

Karen Klassen – Narration and Producer