Cost-Share Program

MOA Cost-Share Program 2024 Guidebook

Manitoba Organic Alliance  is offering a cost-share funding program that supports on-farm projects to improve soil health and biodiversity.  MOA is thrilled to receive funding from the Conservation Trust to improve soil health and biodiversity on Manitoba farms. A portion of the funding received is for a cost-share program, which will help farmers identify ways to enhance biodiversity and soil stewardship on their farms and supports the costs of implementing these plans.  Projects supported by the cost-share program include activities to improve on-farm biodiversity, planting cover crops and perennials to improve crop rotations and improve soil health, integrating livestock and pollinators such as leaf cutter bees, and shelterbelt establishment. Find out how this program is supporting farmers in the province. 

Application Period:
The application window for MOA’s Cost-Share Funding Program is open from February 1st to September 30th, allowing farmers ample time to submit proposals for projects planned in 2024.

Funding Approval:
MOA is committed to a swift process, with funding agreements for cost-share agreements provided within 30 days of submitting a completed application.

Priority Consideration:
Priority will be given to applicants who have not previously received funding through this program, ensuring a fair and inclusive distribution of resources.

How to Apply:
Ready to make a positive impact on your farm and contribute to sustainable agriculture in Manitoba? Submit your applications for MOA’s Cost-Share Funding Program to

*Please download the application PDF to be able to save your progress.