The Organic Advantage – Growing Demand

The organic sector has experienced rapid growth in the past decade. Consumer demand is on the rise with 58% of Canadian consumers purchasing organic food at least once per week. Globally, organic food is in demand and farmers on the prairies are poised to take advantage of this opportunity. It is this demand that can translate into increased profitability for your farm.

How do I improve the yields on my organic farm?

How do I transition my farm to organics?

  • Low Input costs – for every $100 earned per acre, an organic farmer keeps $58 on average.
  • Global access – Through strong equivalency agreements, Canadian organic farmers have access to 96% of the global organic market.
  • Growth – There are nearly 5,000 certified organic farms, processors and handlers in Canada.
  • Knowledge – There is a growing base of research on improved production methods. Check out this video about cutting edge organic research at the University of Manitoba.

Pivot and Grow   is a joint Prairie Organic Grain Initiative which provides up-to-date information for organic farmers

Organic Resource Library

We offer an abundance of resources for producers growing organics. From tools to help you get started, to business and marketing tips, you can easily search and find resources to help better your organic experience.

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Business to Business Directory

Whether you are looking to sell your organic products, looking for services or businesses or looking to purchase organic grain, get connected to the organic sector through this directory. It lists organic businesses across the prairies and is managed by Organic Alberta. Add your business or farm to the Business to Business Directory here.

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Organic Certification

Organic farms and processors must be inspected annually to document their compliance to the Canada Organic Standard. This third party inspection builds a high level of accountability and transparency into the organic food system. Every animal, grain bin, load or package of organic food must be backed up and traceable with a valid organic certificate.

Canada Organic Standard

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Production practices, including Cover crops, Green manure, Weed management, Soil fertility, Crop Rotation, Mulch, Storage…..

Marketing, including a list of Grain Buyers, Labelling, market research, farmer discussions……

Processing including food quality, grain cleaning, meat processing, dairy and livestock facility planning…..

Business management including the Organic Standard, livestock, market research, CSA development, vegetable reference material….

More resources are being added so check back regularly for what’s new.