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Tune in as each episode our host Scott Beaton talks to researchers, farmers and other experts in the organic sector to discuss important issues in organic grain farming.

Grain on the Brain is partially funded by Prairie Organic Development Fund.


Today Scott talks with John Cote who runs John Boy Farms near St. Agathe Manitoba. John shares about his experience growing vegetables for the local market and how and why he chose to focus on garlic. They also cover a few other topics such as soil health, cover crops and inputs. (44:03) – April 20, […]

In this episode, Scott interviews Cody Straza and Ian Cushon in a live panel format, recorded at the Organic Connections show in Saskatoon. Both are experienced organic farmers and they cover a wide variety of topics including species diversity, green manures, soil fertility, livestock and more. (50:06) March 27, 2023  

Scott talks about the diversity and importance of compost with Rob Wunder, a fourth generation farmer, who has been exploring the world of biology on his farm through a number of different practices including livestock integration and creating his own compost on his farm. They will also be discussing fertility practices, soil nutrient, making and […]

Learn from experts about tips for storing water and carbon on your farm. (43:36) May 26, 2022

In today’s episode Scott talks to Dale Overton from Overton Environmental about EcoTea. A lot of organic farmers are already using EcoTea on their farms, so we wanted to find out more about the science behind EcoTea. We’ve included some of the results from their results trials in our Resources section below. (38:15) April 08, […]

Curtis Cavers and Allison Squires talk about the where, how, why and when of thoughtful tillage. (01:02:41) January 25, 2022

How to move from grain farming with synthetic chemicals and fertilizers to a low-input, organic model of farming. (45:33) December 01, 2021

Today we do a deep dive again into the world of seed breeding and hear about farmers who are developing their own seed varieties. We also get Aabir Dey, from The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security to help us understand a bit more about the policies behind the seeds we use on our […]

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