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We bring the resources, tools, and expertise you need to get growing

Tune in as each episode our host Scott Beaton talks to researchers, farmers and other experts in the organic sector to discuss important issues in organic grain farming.


Today we do a deep dive again into the world of seed breeding and hear about farmers who are developing their own seed varieties. We also get Aabir Dey, from […]

Welcome to our third season! This episode Scott talks to Dr Kris Nichols – soil health guru! He finds out how we can build soil carbon in an organic cropping […]

Today we have a collaborative podcast episode between Grain on the Brain and the Rural Routes for Climate Solutions. We’re both members of Farmers for Climate Solutions (FCS) – a […]

Hear how on-farm trials of developing a perennial wheatgrass crop or Kernza® are progressing. Dr Doug Cattani from the University of Manitoba talks about one of the plots while he’s […]

Integrating livestock onto your land can have benefits such as reducing wind erosion, nutrient cycling, building organic matter and increasing phosphorus in the soil. In this episode, hear how Ward […]

Learn from Dr. Yamily Zavala from the CARA Soil Health Lab about how to figure out what’s in your soil. She talks to Scott about how you can measure, monitor […]

Have you been thinking about how to build up the different types of soil carbon on your farm? Professor Cynthia Kallenbach talks to Scott Beaton about soil health, the different […]

We’re talking to Iris Vaisman and Ryan Pengelly today about seed breeding, seed security and seed saving. So just like the title suggests, it’s all about seeds! Have you ever […]

Why should we be aiming to increase biodiversity on our farms? What role do pollinators play in improving our crops and the land that we as grain farmers manage? Our […]

Mechanical weed control is one of the key tools in the organic farmer’s toolbox! Join us as Scott talks to Sam Hitchcock Tilton about tine weeders, interrow cultivators, finger weeders […]

Thinking about growing a cover crop this year? What are my #covercropgoals? How can I manage my problem weeds like wild oats and Canada thistle with cover crops? Can you […]

Grain on the Brain is a podcast of the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative and is now produced by the Manitoba Organic Alliance.

This podcast is partially funded by the Prairie Organic Development Fund.

Season 1 Producers: Dana Penrice, Iris Vaisman, Cari Hartt, and Tierra Stokes

Season 2 Producer: Karen Klassen

Host: Scott Beaton

Scott Beaton
Karen Klassen