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Season 3, Episode 4 – Transitioning to Organics


How to move from grain farming with synthetic chemicals and fertilizers to a low-input, organic model of farming.

(45:33) December 01, 2021

Episode Notes

Transitioning your grain farm to organics, whether you do it field by field or all at once, can have its ups and downs.  In this episode, Scott talks to Nic Podoll from the Rodale Institute about how to successfully transition your farm to organics and some of the support available for you along the way.


Check out the Rodale Institute resources, webinars and courses

Education Course

Contact Nic for more information about accessing consultant services and takin the 

Education courses: 

+1(218)789-1044 (based in Minnesota)

Get some financial support during your transition to organics through The Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA) “Support Organic Change Fund”.

Guest Bio

Nicholas Podoll

Midwest Organic Consultant

Nic is a lifelong organic farmer, having grown up and farmed with his family on their certified organic farm in southeast North Dakota, raising small grains and vegetable seed. Prior to working at Rodale Institute, he worked in Extension for the University of Minnesota and North Dakota State University. He also served several years on the NCR-SARE Farmer Rancher Grant Review Committee. Nic is IOIA certified in crops and holds a Master’s in Agricultural & Extension Education from North Carolina State University. He is located in north-central Minnesota.

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